S.J. Velasquez headshot

As international homepage producer for BBC.com, I’m responsible for curating the best of the BBC for a global audience. Beyond digital production, I have extensive journalism experience as a reporter, editor, multimedia producer and social media manager.

When I’m not handling the BBC homepage, I’m an adjunct journalism professor at Manhattan College and a champion-level Irish dancer.

Selected work

2015 Pulitzer Prize Finalist: Breaking News Reporting

The Buffalo News staff

“For a superbly reported and written account of a lake-effect snowstorm, using human detail to illuminate the story and multimedia elements to help readers through the storm.”

My family is buried in a car park’


What happens when a sport arena is built next to your ancestors’ resting place?

Today’s Irish dancers step away from stereotype


If you haven’t been paying attention to Irish dancing since Riverdance, you might be surprised by the ethnic diversity on display at top-tier competitions.

The weird tale behind ice cream truck jingles


But where did this summer hallmark come from? It’s a strange, surprising story, and the answers have effects far beyond popsicle sales.

Do our names push us towards certain jobs?


A proctologist called Dr Butts, a pastry chef called Baker – is it sheer coincidence, or does the universe have a way of pushing people towards careers that reflect their names?